I'm Joe Wood, and welcome to my blog of absolutely no sense. Don't expect anything very logical. Thanks. Oh and I have an awesome girlfriend, I love her. She's awesome.
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peerpressuring: You're my favorite!

well, your my favorite!

Hey Joe!

I love you soo much. 


immma free bitch bby <333333

hmmm so sexy….

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"growing up means watching my heros turn human infront of me."

the wonder years
join-the-lemon: who is envy about?



Volkswagen Beetle Spider!

Visit WebUrbanist to see more awesome examples of VW Beetles turned into creepy crawly sculptures.

join-the-lemon: do you love me?

i want your genatalia near or around my mouth


i feel like an ass for saying this but im jealous of one of my best friends. i mean as much as people say that im a “kind and genuine person” i dont feel like i can reach the level of awesomeness of him.  no matter how much people say “all the chicks dig you”  i feel like nothing compared to him.   and i feel bad because i love this kid! and i feel like i cant hang out with him because i feel bad about myself when im with him.  sure i have a hell of a time but i feel incompetent. and people care for him but i feel like road-kill.  i think im such a fucking loser next to him.  and im stupid because i shouldnt think that way about my best friend. 

8octopi-deactivated20110907: Wrd. Hahah my eyes weren't closed in that picture I just have Asian eyes. LOL. Anyway ILOVEYOU :) don't masturbate in the shower
loveeeeee, Caolin

its a little late for the shower thing….. and you are soo asian.

inner thoughts #2


i mean emotions are fetal to our life as human beings but in reality (the real world) they kinda suck.  i mean sure theres the good ones (happy, joy, love) and the bad ones (anger, sad, melancholy) and today i have had a bit of all (pardon me if i seem like a little pussy who whines about everything) i have felt love, or what i think is love. anger, selfishness, empathy etc.  i mean without emotions and diversity between them life would be boring and pointless, but the same emotions kind of fuck everything up.  i just wish that i could pick and choose how i felt but in reality thats a stupid thought. i mean pick and choose emotions?   silly thought.  but i guess thats my inner thoughts on emotions.  i think ill do the next one on hair…..